Welcome to TechFiles.online!

This site is where I provide the Zimbra OSE/FOSS builds as well as the link to my GitHub repository for those who would prefer to build Zimbra themselves. This site will expand in the future if/when I start to get involved in coding or building other things that I would make available for the open source community.

The Zimbra OSE Downloads can be found by accessing the menu above.

Please note, I am just an individual that does all of this in my own spare time. I have no company-backing or anything like that. The site and downloads I host personally at my own cost, including the CDN that I have also integrated and put in front of my VPS so as to not overload it when people are wishing to download. This also means you will be able to get fast downloads from your nearest location as I utilise permanent storage in various locations all over the world. Whilst not obligatory, if you do appreciate my work, please feel free to buy me a coffee using the link from the menu below to say thanks/appreciation. The choice is yours :)

Please also feel free to connect with me also on LinkedIN. If you do, please write first to introduce yourself, than just request connecting. That way at least I know what lead you to wanting to connect :)

Have fun, and thanks for visiting!

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