EONS/ALQO 6.6.1 Blockchain Snapshot

The ALQO chain snapshots below are helpful for a number of reasons. First, they can help you quickly resync your wallet without having to start from block 0. That means you only need to download the blocks between when the snapshot was made and the current date/time. Second, they can help in the event of a fork, to ensure that you are on the correct chain.

If you are on Windows, please use 7zip or WinRAR to extract the archive file. It has been known for Winzip to not extract the files properly, effectively corrupting them.

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This snapshot is for use only with the ALQO 6.6.1 wallet. Please do not attempt to use this with older wallets, it will not work! Download the new wallet here

These files cannot be downloaded with wget/curl. If you wish to download them onto your VPS, use a console browser like elinks/links/w3m, navigate the site in the console browser and download the files that way. Alternatively download to your machine, and then use SCP/SFTP to upload them to your VPS.

Archive File
Archive File

If you are using txindex=1 then this snapshot will not work for you unless you reindex the wallet after extracting the files.


Follow the steps below to get your wallet/MN back on the correct chain with the snapshot:

You may need to disable staking during the initial sync to stop the wallet from generating staking transactions as this can potentially cause your wallet to fork again. You can do this by adding: staking=0 to alqo.conf. Once syncing has finished and you are verified as being on the correct chain, you can remove this line from the config file and restart the wallet to re-enable staking again.

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